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98a Various AI Fixes for GPL 1955 v1.2 Released: Sunday, January 22, 2023
Download: Please register to download 817.45 KB Author: PTRACER
Please note, this patch is totally safe to use online and with GPLRank. It does not make a single change to the player physics, only the AI.

1. By default, GPL 1955's AI cars use too much steering lock in the turns, giving the impression they are constantly understeering. This mod remaps the AI's steering ratio to reduce this effect.

2. The amount of suspension deflection for the 1955's AI cars has always been excessive, particularly on the Monza banking. This sometimes results in the AI cars bottoming out and having an accident. This patch limits the amount of suspension movement for each AI car to reduce the chances of this happening and visually looks better as well.

3. Fixed a bug which caused the AI's tyres to be clipping with the ground. This has the added bonus of reducing the "droopy" suspension look of some of the AI cars.

4. Reduced the revs of the AI cars before the race start, since several of them exceed their maximum RPM on the grid, potentially affecting reliability

5. Modified the Gordini and Vanwall AI cars to make them a little faster off the line (player physics unaffected). 

v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Minor update to the Gordini AI
v1.2 - Added the Monza10k banking detection feature
GPL Addons

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