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GPL Slipstream Patch v3.1 Released: Sunday, October 15, 2023
Download: Please register to download 765.13 KB Author: PTRACER
Update: The patch has now been updated to v3.1. Please be sure to delete the v3.0 files and follow the installation instructions again from scratch.

GPL Slipstream Patch V3 restores the original game's slipstream physics and equalises them across all 3rd party mods. It also modifies the draft's strength and length to bring GPL more in line with modern sims with the model being mathematically based on the slipstream physics of Assetto Corsa. 

As a bonus, it fixes a bug in the 1967 V2 and 1955 F1 mods which prevented the engine from blowing when overrevved. 

Please note that players using this addon online will be unable to join unpatched servers and unpatched players will be unable to join patched servers. The saving of Best Laps is also prevented to avoid impact on the times in GPLRank.

v3.1 Changelog
- Fixed a bug which prevented the green button from being displayed in World Championship mode
- Disabled World Championship and Single Player modes in the 60fps patches

Be sure to read all instructions/FAQs before requesting support.
GPL Addons

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