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These pages are dedicated to a great racing simulation called "Grand Prix Legends" by Papyrus/Sierra

This site was originally created as an alternative to SRMZ in April 2022 in case it ever went offline. The inevitable happened on 20th January 2023 when SRMZ went offline for good. The entire Track Database and thousands of addons are now available for download here.

The page design is based heavily on that of the original The-Fastlane.com, a GPL addons site created by Michaël Hompus in 1999. The original Fastlane closed down in 2001, but had a big enough impact on me as a teenager that I ended up creating my own website and naming it after Michael's.

If you want to discuss GPL or have any comments about this site, feel free to join us on The Fastlane forum or GPL Alternative forum

Have a great race!
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As 90% of the addons released over the last 25 years or so are already in the database, we no longer require any contributors. A small number of us will continue to add new addons to the database as they are released.
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GPL Addons

Welcoming our 1000th member! , Friday, November 24, 2023 Author: PTRACER
In the same week that The Fastlane Motorsports Forum has celebrated its 20th birthday, GPL Addons has also had its 1000th member sign up! It is very pleasing to see that the Grand Prix Legends community is still thriving after 25 years.

Given how this website is continuing to expand, both in content and in membership, I felt that now is the right time to add a Donate button to the site. The decision has been made in consultation with the site's primary contributors.

GPL Addons doesn't depend on donations to survive and will quite happily continue running in its current form for as long as I have a spare $15 a month in my pocket. However, a handful of donations could cover an entire year's hosting fees, and anything extra can be put towards site upgrades, such as extra bandwidth or disk space when we need it, or site building software which is vital for developing the site to keep it up-to-date and secure.

Therefore PayPal donation pages have been setup in the following three currencies:


Contributions no matter how small are gratefully received and the site will continue to remain free to access and use in its entirety for everyone.

Thank you once again for 1000 members!
GPL 1967 Track Pack v1.1 release , Tuesday, October 24, 2023 Author: PTRACER
The 1967 Track Pack is a collection of both released and unreleased addons created by various authors over the past two decades and put together as a pack.

Download, Readme, Pictures, Credits

GPL 1967 Track Pack Promotion MOVIE
GPL Slipstream Patch has been updated to v3.1 , Sunday, October 15, 2023 Author: PTRACER
The following changes have been made in v3.1:

- Fixed a bug which prevented the green button from being displayed in World Championship mode
- Disabled World Championship and Single Player modes in the 60fps patches (the options redirect you to Training mode instead)

Thank you to andygpl for the bug report.

Please be sure to delete the v3.0 files prior to installation and follow the installation instructions again from scratch. In case anyone forgot to upgrade, v3.0 and v3.1 are fully compatible with each other online.

GPL Slipstream Patch v3.0 released , Sunday, September 24, 2023 Author: PTRACER
GPL Slipstream Patch V3.0 restores the original game's slipstream physics and equalises them across all 3rd party mods. It also modifies the draft's strength and length to bring GPL more in line with modern sims.

For full compatibility with all currently released mods, two separate 36fps versions and two 60fps versions are included. The 60fps versions convert the game to 60fps automatically without the need for brr's patches. It's not necessary (and not possible) to activate both this and brr's patches at the same time.

Slipstream v3.0 includes a number of pioneering security features to guarantee there is no chance of cheating either online or offline:

1. Saving of Best Laps is disabled to avoid any impact on GPLRank.
2. Unpatched players cannot join patched servers.
3. Patched players can join unpatched servers and use the Chat function in most mods, but cannot advance past the track selection screen or go to track.
4. Advancing past the track selection screen is not possible if any incompatible patches are enabled.

Patches with known incompatibilities: 60fpsv1, 60fpsaiv1, 60fpsv2, 60fpsv2newmod, 144 fps v1.0, dirtgearpatch (all versions), pitstop and repair patches by Olaf Lehmann.

Additional features:
- Fixes a bug in brr's 60fps patches which prevents additional car graphics from loading in certain mods (i.e. Those selected from the dropdown menu on the Player Info screen)
- Fixes a bug in 1967 Historical Mod V2 and the 1955 F1 mod which prevents the player's engine from blowing when overrevved
- Works natively with both US and UK versions of the EXE

The patch has been extensively bug tested, but inevitably some people will have problems getting it to work. The Readme file includes a comprehensive set of FAQs which should resolve the vast majority of problems.

Please be sure to read the installation instructions carefully prior to installation.
Blandford Camp CTD Fix , Monday, August 21, 2023 Author: PTRACER
The track has been updated by Tobodestroyer to v1.08 which fixes a CTD bug in the previous version. You can download the whole track again from the database here OR just download the fix.
GEM+2 - Program , Saturday, August 12, 2023 Author: PTRACER
When GPLTD (gpltd.bcsims.com) went offline, the GPL commuity all lost the ability to download program covers through GEM+2.

However, with a clever update to the EXE by PTRACER (no modesty here ;) ) the functionality has been restored!

To get the update working, first make sure that the latest official version of GEM+2 is installed from here and then download the file from the below link, export it to the GEM+ folder and overwrite the existing EXE:

Full instructions are provided in the Readme.

Multiple tracks have been released! , Friday, August 11, 2023 Author: PTRACER
GPL is far from dead, hurrah! 

Marcos Mirande, Vertex and Tobodestroyer bring us three new tracks: Zeltweg 1970, Drakenstein and Blandford Camp!


The three tracks can be downloaded here.

Meanwhile head on over to the GPL Altern Tracks forum for the discussion threads:
GPLRank back soon! , Tuesday, August 1, 2023 Author: PTRACER
The GPLRank revival is almost complete. Excellent news for all of us!

[NEW RELEASE] A small update for Stratos Rocks Mod , Sunday, April 23, 2023 Author: PTRACER
A new update has been released exclusively at GPL Alternative Forum. You will need to sign up in order to download.

- New, readable, hires gauges for the Stratos and Alpine with the accurate/correctly aligned needles
- Working, accurate speedometers
- AI upscaled several interior textures
- Raised the cockpit camera (and therefore the driver's head) in the Stratos as it was previously too low
- Inverted the Stratos's upside down side-mirror and made the mirror edges less pixellated
- Resized the Stratos steering wheel to improve the view of the gauges
- Rebuilt the Alpine's windscreen wipers as solid, flat polygons (previously they were textured and coloured the same as the car)
- Tried my best to patch a hole in the Alpine dashboard through which you could see the road
- Tidied up some of the Alpine dash's jagged edges
- Reduced the "squashed" mirror look in the Alpine
- Fixed an issue where the wrong sound file was assigned to the Alpine
- Added a "No Gravel Sound" option in GEM+ for when running on tarmac-only circuits
- Stratos HF has been renamed Group 4 when selecting Car Type in Training mode
- Raised the mirror "camera" about 30cm higher
- Changed player car number to number 9 so that the Alitalia Stratos is the default player car
- Modified the bra9.3do file, which had the blue window texture selected instead of the correct green one
- Added a new sound file for the Alpine A110


Car addons and carsets finally added , Sunday, April 16, 2023 Author: PTRACER
It has been a long time since the last update, I apologise for that. 633 car addons have been uploaded. A few loose files are missing but will be added in due course.

Tools, utilities and editors uploaded , Sunday, March 12, 2023 Author: PTRACER
166 GPL tools/utilities/editors have been uploaded here
New track - Tronaasen 1946 Gravel , Friday, March 10, 2023 Author: PTRACER
Bjørn L Finnestad has released a new track!

Tronaasen 1946 Gravel
A Norwegian mountain circuit known as extremely steep over Tronaasen where historical events are the Monte Carlo Rally’s in the 1930's (Stavanger-Oslo-Monte Carlo). Real public roads 12.3 km (7.6 miles) Sirnes-Tronaasen-Lendemoen (tronaa46).


Download here
All Track Updates uploaded , Monday, March 6, 2023 Author: PTRACER
2393 files have been added to the database. A big, BIG thanks to webfoot for the archive and for help in importing the data to the database!!!

There are still another 100 minor addons hanging around on my computer - mostly loose MIP/PBF/3DO files or duplicates. This will get added sometime in future and are extremely low priority.

The question is - what do you want me to work on uploading next? Answers by email please.
webfoot's archive partially uploaded , Wednesday, March 1, 2023 Author: PTRACER
Folks, I have uploaded 1,565 track updates to the Track Addons section. These are from webfoot's archive and consist of all updates he downloaded from 1999 to 2011. The updates that were released later will follow within the next few weeks.
I have tried my best to categorise and link each one to a circuit in the database automatically. The categories are basically correct, but the circuits in some cases are not. 

If anyone would be willing to join as a Contributor and help correct some of these records it would be extremely helpful! Please contact me by mail if you are interested in helping.
Track Addons Update , Sunday, February 26, 2023 Author: PTRACER
The Track Addons section has received a rather comprehensive update.

New categories have been added along with a search panel so you can search for specific types of updates for specific circuits. Failing that, you can search for "Non-Track Specific" updates which contain files applicable for multiple tracks.

Check out the changes here.
iGOR and GPLRank Update , Thursday, February 23, 2023 Author: PTRACER
Gaizka has shared the following update on the restoration of GPLRank including a new URL for iGOR. Kindly see the updates below:

  • Efforts are still ongoing behind the scenes in regard to GPLRank
  • As part of the support provided to Uwe & his team, iGOR's racelist has a new home: igor.gaiztor.com
Kindly open your GPLSecrets\iGOR\iGOR.ini file and modify the following line accordingly:

[ RaceListServers ]
IP = igor.gaiztor.com
New patch coming soon , Tuesday, February 21, 2023 Author: PTRACER
As GPL Addons reaches over 160 members I am excited to announce that a new patch will be released soon.

More information will be shared later this week.
With thanks to... , Saturday, February 4, 2023 Author: PTRACER
We're currently at 99 members, only one more and we hit the magic "100". At this point I would like to thank:

  • Michael Lowery for pointing out that Bulawayo was missing from the database and for supplying the file. This has now been uploaded.
  • Paulo Stella for downloading each circuit and spotting mistakes in the Monza1000k, Monza10k and Funabashi Short entries, as well as noticing that the Mallory Oval and Marlboro Oval files were missing. All of these corrections have been made.
  • Daniel Micheli for pointing out that ImolaInstaller.exe had compatibility issues with modern systems. A repackaged version has been uploaded to the database.
  • 'Eagle3555' for pointing out that misano104.exe cannot run on modern systems. The files have been exported on a WinXP virtual machine and a new ZIP file uploaded.
  • 'webfoot' and 'ROOKIE4EVER' for supplying the missing BAPOM covers
  • Yannick, Michi, Marcos, Keith, Bob and Richard for uploading content and/or spreading the word about this site!
- PT
Site updates , Tuesday, January 31, 2023 Author: PTRACER

Performance enhancements are completed. All BAPOM covers are now uploaded to the Track Database. Small changes to the layout of the GPLTD index and search pages. Addition of some extra categories on the left hand menu.
Performance improvements coming , Sunday, January 29, 2023 Author: PTRACER
Wow, the site has grown from just 7 members to over 70 in one week! It was not designed to handle such a large number of users and I understand there may be a little slowness when browsing the track database. The good news is that I understand the cause and have some performance improvements planned within the next few weeks.

About the site itself - My server only has a few GB of free space left so I'm also planning to upgrade that soon. However, if anyone has any addons they would like to save for posterity, please contact me at The Fastlane forum or at the Alternative GPL forum and I will (after security checks) convert you to a Contributor's account.
GPL Addons

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